MRS 2000+ designo - Magnetic Resonance Stimulation

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MRS 2000+ designo

MRS 2000+ designo: Pulsating Magnetic Resonance Stimulation System

Raise Energy Potentials
Activate The Immune System
Accelerate Healing Processes
Stimulate Detoxification

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The MRS 2000+ is the best-selling and best-researched pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMFT) device in the world.

After a 10-year success with its classic MRS 2000+, MediConsult is opening a new chapter in the field of magnetic-resonance-stimulation. The most-sold magnetic-resonance system in the world now has a distinguished successor.

With its modern, dynamic and compact design, the brand-new MRS 2000+ designo totes maximum user friendliness, unparalleled mechanical stability and the ultimate in ergonomics and effectiveness.  The newly constructed applicator mat is much thicker and more robust to ensure mechanical stability in daily use. The accessory pad has been re-constructed in the same pattern as the applicator mat.

The Med applicator probe is a brand-new innovation. Through a special, metallic nuclear shield, MediConsult has succeeded in concentrating the intensity of the electro-magnetic field at a single “point”. This increases the potential for treating selective indications as well as new treatments for doctors, health care professionals and clinics. The new user-interface is intuitively designed with perforated buttons to ensure safe operation, even for elderly or the visually challenged. 

The new MRS 2000+ designo is the evolution result of over 10 years of experience in the field of magnetic-resonance-stimulation. It combines every necessary parameter for extremely easy and safe use and the maximum of effectiveness of all magnetic-resonance systems.

First recognized for its healing properties in the early 20th century, magnetic field therapy has been perfected by German researchers and physicians over the last 2 decades in the form of low-intensity pulsed magnetic field therapy. The healing properties of pulsed magnetic fields influence every cell in the body. With the proliferation of computers and other electronic equipment our exposure to harmful electromotive forces (EMF’s) is on the rise. Our ability to heal is impaired and our immune systems are compromised.

The MRS 2000® is the most advanced, reliable and clinically documented form of low-intensity pulsed magnetic field therapy. It is not designed to cure any disease. Rather, it has a profoundly positive influence on all cells in the body to operate at a higher level of energy. This promotes rapid healing of injuries, resolution of inflammation, reduction of pain, enhanced sleep, higher levels of energy and improved immune system function. Magnetic fields have been used for years in bone stimulators to improve healing from fractures and orthopedic surgeries where bone has been added or removed. Now the same life-stimulating processes of magnetic fields for bones can be applied to the entire body using the MRS 2000®.

Every single day some one is finding and enjoying a new benefit of using the MRS 2000. This is because the effect that the MRS has on your body is non-specific. Every cell in your body is positively affected by the magnetic resonance and is empowered to perform its many functions with greater speed and efficiency. The MRS does not heal the body in any way. As many people already know, the human body comes naturally equipped to repair itself. If provided with the right intracellular conditions, physical materials, enzymes, and a strong connection to Earth frequencies, almost any ailment can be easily overcome.

The German-made MRS 2000+ designo is the “next step” as well as the new benchmark in the field of pulsating magnetic therapy for home, medical or clinical use.
Made in Germany!