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Energy medicine is creating positive, empowering changes in hundreds of thousands of people. Magnetic resonance stimulation is a type of energy medicine with many years of tried & tested results. This amazing technology adds value in abundance to our lives on every level!

MRS 2000+ designo

  • Sophisticated triple saw tooth wave pattern (0.5-15hz) with millions of pulsating frequencies designed to release energy blocks
  • Floods your body ‘residually’ with the Earth’s original magnetic resonating stimulation
  • Chinese organ clock with north/south polarity
  • Automatic timer for 8, 16 and 24 minutes
  • Stimulates the cells in your body to work more efficiently
  • Gently eases the body into homeostasis
  • Assists: immune system – metabolism – pain issues -
    sleep disorders - ...too many to list
  • Mat sessions are 8 minutes up to 3 times daily
  • Probe and Pad have Multiple Applications - Learn More
  • Light weight, portable and comfortable
  • Short learning curve allows for easy home use

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